Sunday, September 30, 2007

CyberScrub AntiVirus Lifetime Edition

CyberScrub AntiVirus Lifetime EditionCyberScrub AntiVirus provides not only award winning technology, but security for the life of your PC ! Why purchase antivirus programs each year? You will receive a five year update subscription at a low one year price. This antivirus software is easy to use, yet fast and efficient.

CyberScrub effectively stops viruses, worms, Trojans and more. Despite its ease of use, this robust application provides extremely high quality antivirus protection that meets and in most instances exceeds competing products.

CyberScrub AntiVirus is powered by a unique integrated technology for virus detection, based on principles of multi-generation heuristic analysis. This allows the program to protect you from suspect "viral behavior." This highly effective methodology repelled all attacks of each "I LOVEYOU" virual variation without any additional antivirus database updates. No other technology, including Norton, Trend, or McAfee, was able to accomplish this.

CyberScrub AntiVirus is powerful, yet its exceptional ease of use and installation make it acceptable for beginner to pro.

• Five year update subscription
• Automatic daily updates
• System scans with built in scheduler
• “install and forget” functionality
• Item scan on demand
• Continuous monitoring for viruses in all files upon their opening or executing and removal of viruses from ZIP archives.